What is halo’s Cancellation Policy?

At Halo we ask for at least 24 hours advanced notice if a appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled. We make every attempt to confirm each appointment in advance, 72 hours via email and 24 hours via text. If guest does not give proper notice a minimum cancellation fee of $50 will be charged, Larger color services will incur a fee of up to 80% of the quoted service price. If a guest no shows without a phone call, they can incur up to 100% of the booked service total. If the guest reschedules the cancelled appointment that day, the collected cancellation fee can be applied to the next reservation. To use this credit the appointment cannot be changed again. If a guest no-shows 2 times they will be placed on the restricted guest list, which means they can come in on a walk-in basis only.

What is a Color Correction?

Typically color corrections involve a huge change in color or tone. This takes a specialist to achieve these big changes while keeping the integrity of the hair. Color Corrections can be an extremely extensive and sometimes an expensive process and can require multiple visits to achieve a desired result. We ask that each guest sign a Color Correction Waiver because there are so many unforeseen factors that affect a color correction’s outcome. This waiver will also outline the aftercare and price quote. We request that each guest that schedules a color correction also schedules a complimentary consultation; this can be done in person, via email or phone call. This allows our reservationist to schedule the proper time for the service and for the stylist to give an accurate price quote.


Can I Bring My Children With Me?

Children are only permitted in the salon area while having a scheduled service. Due to the nature of the tools used in a hair salon; it is not the safest place for children. For liability purposes, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service. While we absolutely love children, we do not have the facilities to care for them. We cannot assure their safety in a salon environment and we also do not want to compromise the relaxation of our other guests. Thank you for understanding!


What do I do if I’m unhappy?

At Halo Salon we pride ourselves in our customer service and the exceptional quality of our work. We will do our very best to ensure all guests are satisfied with all services provided. But we understand that sometimes things do not go as expected or desired results can be miscommunicated. No matter what, our guest’s satisfaction is our number one goal. We ask that any guest that needs an adjustment to their hair should contact the salon within 48 hours of their original service. We will be happy to make any minor adjustment free of charge. Please speak to the Salon Director in private if you feel like there is a larger adjustment that needs to be made. Depending the nature and cause of the adjustment needed the Salon Director will determine the proper course of action. While we will do everything in our power to accommodate our guests.


Should I Tip My Stylist?

While gratuity isn’t ever expected it is greatly appreciated! A large percentage of the stylists income comes from our generous guest’s tips. An industry standard is 15-20% of your service total. Additional gratuity can be added for salon assistants.


Why Are There Different Prices?

You may notice that our service menu has a range of prices. While all of our stylists have the same training, we base their prices off of experience. All of our stylists are educated and trained. Our stylists receive further and continuing education from our Salon Director. We are sure to have the right stylist to fit your style.


Deposits and prepays

Specialty services require a deposit. Special order products are paid for in advance. Typically service deposits are 50%. The deposit amounts will be discussed at the time of scheduling the appointment. Larger color services will incur a fee of up to 80% of the quoted service price. Please refer to our cancelation policy for the handling of deposits for no-show or rescheduled appointments.